mental ray and iray for CINEMA 4D (m4d)

October 10th 2013: mental ray and iray for CINEMA 4D supported

RebusFarm now supports mental ray and iray for CINEMA 4D. To find out more about m4d click here.


September 30th 2013: RebusFarm supports Cinema 4D R15

RebusFarm now supports Cinema 4D R15. With the R15 version of Cinema 4d, RebusFarm supports all of the GI modes (full animaiton/camera animation/distributed render/local). The calculation of the GI is now completely taken over by the farm.

V-Ray 2.3 for Maya

September 30th 2013: V-Ray 2.3 for Autodesk Maya 2014

RebusFarm now supports the V-Ray 2.3 for Autodesk Maya 2014. As always, we continue the maintenance of the older versions of the application.

Rebus App for Windows!

September 16th 2013: The Farminizer App is now available for Windows RT !

The Rebus Render Service goes where you go!

Now you can use the Farminizer App on all mobile devices (smartphones & tablets) with Windows RT. Install the RebusFarm Manager on your phone and control your render jobs wherever you are.

The Farminizer App is also compatible with all computers running Windows 8.

For more detailed information and download visit our mobile page.

Arnold and Indigo Renderer

July 17th 2013: RebusFarm supports Arnold and Indigo Renderer!

RebusFarm now supports the beta version of the Arnold Renderer for XSI and Maya. Also the Indigo Renderer is already amongst our supported Renderers.

Please note: Unfortunately, we don't support Arnold right now because Autodesk/Solid Angle has stopped providing us with licenses. On our Specs site you find an overview of all software we're currently supporting.

3D Studio MAX 2014 Service Pack 1

June 1th 2013: RebusFarm supports 3D Studio MAX 2014 Service Pack 1!

From now on you can render at Rebusfarm with the Service Pack 1 of 3D Studio MAX 2014.

3D Studio MAX 2014, Maya 2014, XSI 2014

May 14th 2013: RebusFarm supports MAX, Maya and Softimage 2014 as of now!

RebusFarm from now on supports the version 2014 of 3D Studio MAX, Maya und XSI. As always, we continue the maintenance of the older versions of the applications.

RebusFarm will support soon the Arnold Renderer, Indigo Renderer and Thea Renderer.

We will keep you posted!

RebusFarm 3D Award.

September 26th 2012: RebusFarm anounces 3D Rendering Award. 

RebusFarm Render Services - as an authority in 3D Rendering - invites the 3D Community to the first RebusFarm 3D Award. Using any application and not limited only to RebusFarm users, we want you to show your best work to the world. 

The contest will be held at our facebook page Participients can upload their work from the 26th September 2012 until the 15th November 2012. Among very attractive prices of our sponsors there will be offered 5000,00 USD in cash as rewards.

For more Informations go to the page

Update 24,480 GHz

September 25th 2012: Expansion to 24,480 GHz Computing Power

Once again an increase in computing power. We now provide 24,480 GHz total capacity, more than the competition in sum.

expanded its machine pool to 850 Dual Xeon E5645 (6 x 2.40 GHz) with 24 GB of RAM.

Our system
now offers a total of 24,5 THz. This is an equivalent to 1700 fast Core i7 PCs and is by far the most powerful Render Farm Service in the world.

us for free.
Just create a new account and use the 10 EUR free trial.

Blender Foundation support

September 25th 2012: Blender 2.63 support established

For the first time we support the 3D Software Blender in version 2.58 - 2.63 of the Blenderfoundation. You can choose between the internal Renderer, Cycles and V-Ray of Chaosgroup.

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